Universal Measure was born in fall of 2002, thanks to desperation and a chance eavesdropping of strangers. Frank (guitar) and Brandon (bass) played together for a year before meeting Windy (vocals) who trounced any hesitations they had about having a female singer when they heard the quality, and range of her voice.

Universal Measure has been told they are a “breath of fresh air” in the music scene by fans all over. So sit back and breathe deeply. Their first full length album “Time Bomb” shows how music is still evolving in an amazing way. Universal Measure was put into the list of “Top Ten Bands Deserving To Make It Out Of Seattle” in Exotic Underground Magazine right after its release. Universal Measure has opened for national acts such as Kittie, Walls Of Jerico, Scum Of The Earth, Veruca Salt, LA Guns, DORO and In This Moment. They have played Seattle’s annual Hempfest and took first place in the Seattle “Queen Of Rock” battle of the bands.

Universal Measure is currently getting radio play on stations such as KISW and have been in for various interviews. This band and their album will continue to grow on you more and more the longer you listen. “Time Bomb” isn’t the only thing making this band stand out from the masses though. You have to see them live!

There is no substitution for seeing Universal Measure on the stage. The thick and intricate instrumentation is the genius of one guitarist (Frank), one bassist (Brandon) and one drummer (T.J.). Vocalist (Windy) brings the icing to the cake. They all play off each other to keep the song interesting without trampling each-other. Each song maintains an excellent flow as they weave in and out of each other’s way. They bring the Hard and the Rock, while some even classify them in Metal. But strong melody is always incorporated as it is an important element for Universal Measure.

Almost all who are introduced only by hearing Universal Measure assume there are two singers in this band. Universal Measure has one solid female vocalist who makes all the incredible sounds you hear alone. Her growls and screams hold much more than a candle to the male dominated genre, it’s more like a flood light. From seductive and sweet to a ravaged growl in no more than a heartbeat, she supplies Universal Measure a sound like none other in Seattle, all while complimenting the intertwining string melodies.

From melodic to metal, Universal Measure challenges listeners to abandon expectations of what hard rock should be, and never be satisfied with the status quo...


Universal Measure strongly support every local music scene and are always looking for great places to play with great bands. They are an apparent delight for musicians, as musicians make up most of their fan base. They are always well received and never disappoint. Nothing makes them beam with happiness and speak with passion more than the topic of music. Universal Measure loves to meet new people and would love to meet you! You’ve got to check them out!